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Hi, Holder, I have met you on Upper Sorbian Wp. (hornjoserbsce). I see we are interested in very similar subjects (Wikipedias in minority laguages). I haven't much time, but maybe we shall keep in touch. I am active mostly on Upper Sorbian Wp. (articles on Romance languages, especially those of minorities) now I have begun to create a Sardinian Wictionary. My mother tongue is Czech, but I have relatives in Lützelstein, Bischheim and Strasbourg, some of them speak Alsacian (I know you have written an article about Lützelstein). Best regards, --[[Usuàriu:Henriku|Henriku]] 13:50, 9 Trì 2009 (CEST)
Thank you so much! Much appreciated! --[[Utente:Elcaracol|<span style="color:blue"> '''Elcaracol'''</span>]] <small>[[Utente discussioni:Elcaracol|<span style="color:red">''(Tzerriamì puru)''</span>]]</small> 23:13, 25 Stg 2015 (CET)